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Lab, diagnostic and CD information websites

Specialities Labatories

IMMCO Diagnostics

Dr. Fine’s Web Site and Slide Show : Click on “Health & Nutritional Education and Information”.  Then either click on “gluten sensitivity and celiac Sprue” and follow the link in the brown box to the slide show or click on “new essay” to read the transcript from his lecture.

General medical information websites


Cooking Resources

Many Gluten Free books are available in your local bookstore or on the internet.  For mixing, a high powered mixer will be needed. GF cooking can be a challenge but there are many helpful hints in various web sites.

www.GFCFkitchen.com – Jordana Van attended our meeting in April 2009 and is a holistic chef and natural cooking instructor in the Louisville area.

Spark Recipes – This link was added in January 2009 and is a diet-oriented website and if you type in gluten-free recipes they have a bunch!

Domata Living Flour sells their GFCF flour and has some recipes.  Added January 2008.

Expandex sells modified tapioca starch at various stores and has some recipes on their web site.  Added January 2008.

Food.com has many recipes, including GF recipes.  Go to this site and search for gluten free recipes.  As of September 2006, it listed 168 GF recipes

Breads from Anna sells a great bread mix and has tips and recipes.

MyGlutenFreeRecipes.com has recipes.

Clan Thompson has recipes and a Q&A section from Ask The Cook along with lots of other information.

Savory Palate has information on cooking and recipes.  Tips on baking bread can be found under recipes, click bread, then Bread 101.  Great information.  Carol sells books and booklets on this web site.  You can receive “Corol’s Culinary Cues” monthly via e-mail at no cost.  Recipes for a variety of items are posted on this site

Celiac Forum has a recipe section.

Connie Sarros has written many books and has a DVD available on GF cooking.

www.gfcfrecipes.com has many gluten free and casein free recipes.


Lean to cook!  Here are some general recipe web sites, but their focus is not on gluten free cooking.

The Home Zone – Secrets of Louisville Chefs – This has an amazing list of recipes from some of the best Louisville restaturants.




Other Support Groups

Western New York, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls – This is a great site for general information and helpful links
Cincinnati, Ohio – Local chapter information, shopping, restaurants.
Rochester, NY – Support group, restaurant, recipes.
Utah – Excellent site with links to other regional Utah sites.
Indianapolis, Indiana – Lots of information, restaurants, etc.
Lexington, KY – Local chapter information

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