Other Gluten Free-Friendly Restaurants

Aspen Creek
8000 Bardstown Rd.
(Fern Creek)
This restaurant serves American fare.  One member reports that the staff is knowledgeable and several menu items can be made GF.
Bombay Grill
216 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy.
One member reports that the server was helpful in choosing safe menu items.
206 Bullitt Ln.
(near Oxmoor Center)
One member had a good experience here – the server worked with the chef to find safe menu items.
Bristol Bar & Grille
Multiple locations
(East, Highlands, Downtown, Jeffersonville, IN)
Servers are usually helpful in choosing safe menu items.  One member recommends the Pork Dijonaise entrée as a safe choice.
Café Fraiche
3642 Brownsboro Rd.
The café is now catering only and has changed their name.
Ditto’s Grill
1114 Bardstown Rd.
Ditto’s serves American, Asian, American contemporary, and eclectic cuisine.  One member reported that here is not a GF menu, but the chef will make suggestions and modify dishes.
The Fishhouse, Green River Style
1310 Winter Ave. (at Barret & Oak)
The Fishhouse offers fish at both lunch and dinner cooked in a peppery cornmeal breading.  Ask to have it fried separately from the other fish. This is one of the group’s favorite places.
Maido Osaka Blue
1758 Frankfort Ave.
One member highly recommends this restaurant.  The cuisine is Japanese & sake pub style.  They have an extensive GF menu, which includes GF soup and GF salads.  They also carry GF soy sauce.
Mark’s Feed Store
Multiple locations
(East, Highlands)
Mark’s is a great local barbeque place.  Meats and barbecue sauces are GF.  Kitchen staff is generally helpful in selecting GF side dishes.  If you mention you have a wheat allergy, they will alert kitchen staff to handle your dish separately.
Martini Italian Bistro
4021 Summit Plaza Dr.
Martini’s offers several gluten free entrees and even gluten free pasta!
Mayan Café
813 E. Market St.
This restaurant serves authentic Yucatan cuisine and the staff is generally knowledgeable about ingredients.  One member recommends the pork enchiladas.
316 W. Main St.
Milkwood is a new restaurant from award-winning chef Edward Lee, located at Actor’s Theater of Louisville. One member reported that the staff was very helpful in helping her choose gluten free menu items, and said that a member of the wait staff also has Celiac Disease.
Napa River Grill
1211 Herr Lane (Westport Village)
Napa River Grill is an upscale restaurant that features Northern California cuisine with an Asian-fusion flair.  The staff is knowledgeable and willing to work with customers to find a GF meal.  (April 2010)
Panera Bread
Multiple locations
(East, Downtown, South)
Despite its name, Panera Bread does offer some GF dishes.  Panera does not publish its GF menu online, but they will provide you with an updated list if you contact the corporate office.  You can also see ingredients for all menu items here.  Several soups and salads are GF (but, as this is a bakery, cross-contamination may be an issue).
131 W. Market St.
Saffron’s serves authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.  The staff is helpful in choosing a gluten free meal.  Most of the entrees are grilled and do not contain gluten ingredients.
Shiraz Mediterranean Grill
Multiple locations
(East, Northeast, Clifton, South)
Shiraz offers excellent mediterranean fare in a casual atmosphere.  Everything on the menu with the exception of wraps, flatbread, tabbouleh, and quinoa is gluten free.  (Please check before ordering in case new menu items are added.)  Make sure to ask for your order without bread.  One member highly recommends the falafel.
Shogun Japanese Steakhouse
Multiple locations
(East and Northeast)
One member has ordered sushi and sashimi safely but cautions that soups and salad dressings are not GF.  Bring your own soy sauce.
Simply Thai
Multiple Locations
Simply Thai serves authentic Thai cuisine and is knowledgeable about preparing gluten free food. Most menu items can be prepared gluten free – just ask!
Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe
1804 Frankfort Ave.
This bakery serves some GF cakes and other desserts.  Desserts can be made to order as well.
Wild Eggs
Multiple locations
(Downtown, East)
One member recommends this restaurant as having knowledgeable and helpful staff. They serve mainly breakfast dishes. They are open until 2:30 pm on weekdays and 3:00 pm on weekends.
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