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We have an informal email listserv for exchanging ideas, questions, or comments about anything gluten-free related: restaurants, stores, recipes, etc.  If you’d like to join the list, send an email to and let us know!

Our Group’s Favorite GF Products

During our March 2012 meeting, members shared some of their favorite GF products.  Here is a list of those products, and where members reported finding them.

Bread Products:

  • Glutino Genius Bread — Rainbow Blossom in Middletown
  • Enjoy Life English Muffins
  • Whole Foods Cheddar biscuits in the freezer section
  • Against the Grain bagels and rolls
  • Schärs Ciabatta rolls — Rainbow Blossom & Meijer

Cookies & Crackers:

  • Enjoy Life Snickerdoodles
  • Ener-G crackers
  • Yehuda Matzo Squares (seasonal) — Amazon and Whole Foods
  • Jovial fig bars (similar to Fig Newtons) — Rainbow Blossom
  • K-Toos (KinniToos) an Oreo-type cookie — Rainbow Blossom and Whole Foods
  • Kinnikinnick Smorables — Whole Foods, Rainbow Blossom, Meijer

Flours & Mixes:

  • Domata Flour — online from Amazon, Gluten-Free Mall, and Free-From-Gluten
  • Pamela’s Pancake Mix
  • Simply Organic Banana Bread mix — Rainbow Blossom
  • Hodgson Mill Bread Mix


  • Heartland Pastas — WalMart
  • Hodgsden Mill Angel hair pasta — Kroger
  • Pastariso by Maplegrove — online at

Snacks & Other Foods:

  • Mrs. Leiper’s Tuna Helper
  • Olé corn tortillas — Kroger
  • Trader Joe’s trail mix
  • Kellogg’s GF Rice Krispies — available at most groceries
  • Silk Almond Milk
  • Amish Country soft pretzels — Rainbow Blossom in St. Matthews
  • Udi’s Granola — Kroger
  • Gefen Foods (Kosher) — available online at

Kroger Gift Card Fundraiser

We are participating in Kroger’s gift card fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to raise funds for the group with the purchases you already make! We are selling gift cards for $5 (pre-loaded with $5), and you can re-charge them at any Kroger store. You can then use the cards for groceries, gas, and pharmacy purchases, and 4% will go back to the group. You can purchase cards for yourself or your friends and family at our meetings or by contacting Sharon Sengelaub.

Udi’s Products at Kroger

Many Kroger stores are now carrying Udi’s items.  In some stores, they are located in the bakery section with the cakes and donuts.  Other stores carry them in the frozen natural foods section.  It is always nice to support our local stores!

Trader Joe’s is Here!

Trader Joe’s has opened in the Shelbyville Road Plaza (4600 Shelbyville Rd.) Click here for a list of No Gluten Ingredients Used items (Remember to always read labels, as ingredients and suppliers can change.)

If you purchase products from through this link on our web site, our group gets about 4% of the purchase price: Gluten Free at  This works on books, food, and pretty much anything else Amazon offers!

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